School Song


On King's Plan there stand a high school

That is known throughout the state, 

For in everything that's going on

She's always up to date.

And in sports of highest standing,

Whenever she goes in

To anything worth doing,

We are sure that she will win.

There are many Highs in New Hampshire,

And Woodsville is the best;

For spirit, marks and discipline,

She excels all the rest. 

Hail! Woodsville High School!

We pledge our love to thee,

And through all the years to come 

We will faithful be.

Words by Margaret Rowden 1922

Music by Glenn Youngman 1922

School Pledge

As a member of the Woodsville High    School Community,

I will stand by, honor, and not disgrace  my school nor my fellow classmates  and their beliefs.

I will treat my teachers with respect, for  upon me they bestow knowledge. 

I will work to succeed academically,  morally, and physically.

I will reflect upon all that I have been  taught and will be taught.

I will use said teachings and knowledge  to become a contributing member of  society. 

And both alone and with all to help me, I will build up my world to be greater  and better than before.

words by the Latin III/IV students (April MMXI)